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Top 10 most striking countries in the world,You will not expect the first

In which country is the right to strike most often exercised? That’s a good question ! A priori, we would of course be tempted to answer France, where it is common to take to the streets to try to bend the institutions. But is the strike really an authentic blue-white-red tradition? Are we the world champions of striking countries? In any case, this is what a recent study commissioned by the Hans-Böckler Foundation says. Study for OECD countries, which ranked champions based on the average number of strike days per year per 1,000 employees.


16 days of strike / year for 1000 employees. The Germans are not really on strike. So we can say that when they get started, things are really bad.

By way of comparison, in the United States, there is an average of 5 days of strike per year.

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