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Ronda Rousey reveals she is ready for a Baby in the middle of the WWE break

Ronda Rousey may soon add a new title to her resume: Mom.

The professional wrestling announced in April that she would take a hiatus from WWE, which she described as an “impregnating vacation” tone on Instagram. However, eight months have passed and no pregnancy announcement has been made by Rossi – something she opened this week.

The fight told People that she and her husband Travis Browne did not focus on fertile days and ovulation windows, but they wanted to “put it there, in the universe,” which both hope to expand their family in the future.

Rossi and Brown, a mixed Hawaiian martial artist, got married in 2017 and enjoy life with my two boys, Caleo and Kiwi, ever since.

She told the people of the Quartet: “No matter what time we have, once she’s gone, she’ll be lost forever.”

The former UFC star, who joined WWE in 2018, does not want motherhood to be the end of her wrestling career.

“I think I have to find another way to go,” she told people about a possible return to the ring. “At the moment, I think my family needs undivided care.”

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