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Lisa R. Snyder The mother who killed her two children claims to have committed suicide

A 36-year-old lady UN agency claimed that her 2 kids had killed themselves has been suspected of murdering them 2 months once they died in Albany town, Pennsylvania.

Lisa R. Snyder was inactive Monday and charged with first-degree murder, endangering the welfare of kids, and change of state with proof. She was conjointly charged with one count of gender with associate degree animal and one count of cruelty to animals.

She is controlling while not bail at Berks County jail in Pennsylvania.

On Sept. 23, Snyder referred to as 911 to report that she found her 8-year-old son, Conner Snyder, and her 4-year-old girl, Brinley Snyder, hanging within the basement of their home. They were taken to the hospital however pronounced dead 3 days later.

Snyder told police that Conner was cowed in class and had told her many times that he wished to die, authorities aforesaid. She claimed that Conner had told her he was “scared to travel by myself” and prompt to police that was the explanation he had taken his sister to die in conjunction with him.

However, authorities aforesaid there was no proof the boy was cowed or that he had thoughts of suicide. By all accounts, officers aforesaid, he perceived to be a cheerful kid. He conjointly had a physical incapacity that may have created it tough for him to hold himself, authorities aforesaid.

Snyder conjointly told a witness that she was “depressed and does not care any longer regarding her children,” Berks County prosecuting attorney President of the United States aforesaid during a group discussion Monday.

Snyder has maintained that her kids died by suicide, authorities aforesaid.

“I do not know if there is any rationalization for her behavior in the slightest degree,” Adams aforesaid. “I do not assume I will rise here and make a case for the horrific loss of 2 innocent children’s lives.”
After Snyder referred to as 911 on Sept. 23, 1st responders found Conner and Brinley hanging 3 feet except for a single-wired cable dog lead with the ends of the wires wrapped around their necks, per court documents. 2 picket bar-height eating space chairs were found knocked over on their sides.

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