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How to make hand sanitizer

How to make hand sanitizer
How to make hand sanitizer

Using soap and water is the best way to clean your hands, which is the most important measure in preventing new coronavirus (Covid-19), but there are times when you cannot reach the sink to wash them, and in these cases the gel with alcohol hand sanitizer is an excellent solution to this The dilemma, but in light of the increasing demand for it recently, it has become scarce in the market and the price has increased so much, even though it is very easy to make it at home, and with simple materials .. We present to you in this article the method of making this gel and its components.

Steps to make Hand sanitizer gel without smell with a concentration of 70% alcohol


  1. rubbing isopropyl alcohol, at a concentration of 99%.
  2. Pure Aloe Vera Gel, and choose the purest type you can find, which will ensure that the final mixture contains the least amount of additives and additional chemicals.

How to make hand sanitizer

  • Tools
  1. Clean bowl.
  2. spoon.
  3. Suppression.
  4. Soap bottles, hand sanitizer, or any kind of pot that you want, as long as they have a cap.

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