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German experts: These myths about Corona are incredible

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German experts: These myths about Corona are incredible

Currently, there is hardly any conversation between two people on the topic of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), which causes increased rumors and misinformation about the disease and its symptoms.

German experts have spotted the most famous of these myths and responded to them with the latest medical information available to date.

Only the first myth: sterilizers and special soaps that kill the virus
Wrong information. Washing your hands well with regular soap and water for 20-30 seconds is the best protection.

As for sterilization fluids, they should be viruses, not bacteria.

Myth 2: Coughing is not a symptom of CK
Dry cough in addition to fever, respiratory problems and lethargy are the main symptoms of infection with the virus, as German newspaper Bild quotes some experts.

Myth 3: Diarrhea is an indication of HIV infection
According to data from the German Robert Koch Institute, some people with the virus have had diarrhea and a feeling of vomiting, but these symptoms alone are not a sign of infection.

Myth 4: Smoking does not increase the risk of corona
The information is completely wrong, because smokers are among the groups most at risk, especially that the SK virus mainly attacks the lung.

Myth 5: The cancellation of gatherings and parties is evidence that Corona is much more dangerous than he thinks
This is not the reason for these decisions, as it is a policy aimed at slowing the spread of the virus, so it is best to avoid gatherings of more than a thousand people, as a preventive method.

Myth 6: Domestic animals are also infected with the Corona virus
To date, there is no clear evidence that domestic animals are infected with the virus.


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