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Christmas Gift Ideas 2019: #5 Gadgets, Not smartphones, You can Buy for Less Than 70$

The bells are already ringing and Christmas is almost here! And this is, probably, the last chance for many to offer a gift to someone they love to make up for the mistakes of the past year. Of course, for those who have managed their relationships in a better way in 2018, these gifts can be used to further strengthen already existing strong bonds. But, how do you decide the perfect Christmas gift? Well, shop till you drop is certainly one way to go about it. However, it won’t be the most desired option. So, to make your job easy, we have prepared a list of five gadgets that can be the ideal Christmas gift without putting a hole in your pocket. Here are five tools that can be purchased for under 70$:

1. OnePlus Bullets Wireless:

If you buy a gift for music lovers, OnePlus Bullets Wireless is a great choice. At 56$, the headphones offer balanced audio output and splash-proof design quality. It runs for 5 hours on a single charge for 10 minutes and 8 hours of full listening at full cost.

2. Fujifilm Instax Minion 8 mini special instant camera package

Fujifilm Instax Minion camera is fun for photographers. It provides a stylish look and comes with a focal length of 60mm, two elements, two elements, and a 1: 12.7 magnification that allow you to capture high-quality photos. The camera has a steady shooting flash that automatically adjusts its ability to enhance your photos. It costs 70$ .

3. Panasonic Seekit

The new and stylish bluetooth tracker from Panasonic allows users to tag their valuables, call the Seekit smart app and find them without any hassle. The device comes in two different variants – Seekit Edge and Seekit Loop, priced at 22$ and 18$ , respectively.

4. Mi Band – HRX Edition

Designed for fitness watches, the Mi Band – HRX Edition is a fitness tracker and a watch integrated into a smart bracelet. It allows users to view the time and check the fitness statistics by lifting their wrist and pressing the current time button. Apart from this, users can also check the number of steps they have taken, their sleep patterns and more. It is priced at 18$.

5. Xiaomi Mi body composition scale

Priced at 25$, the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale is another tool for fitness fans. Aside from determining weight, he also knows about BMI, body water content and more. With the help of the accompanying app, you can also track the weight of your family members.

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