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Christmas 2019: Parents give “the worst gift in their lives to a child”, and it shows the best possible reaction

Christmas 2019

Christmas 2019: Parents give ‘worst gift ever’ to kid, she shows best possible reaction

Christmas is almost here and for many children gifts may have already started pouring in. Just like this little kid who got an early Christmas present from her parents. However, her reaction upon receiving the gift has now tugged at people’s heartstrings.

Shared by a Twitter user, the video shows a little girl receiving a wrapped present which is described as the “worst Christmas present ever” in the caption of the post. Soon after receiving the gift she starts unwrapping it and eventually tears the wrapper to bring out… a banana.

Christmas 2019: Parents give ‘worst gift ever’ to kid, she shows best possible reaction

The little girl receives the present with excitement and joy. Eventually, she screams “banananaa”. Finally, on being asked if she likes her gift, the girl replies “I am happy”.

It’s the innocent and joyful expression of the kid, despite receiving such a simple gift, which has warmed up people’s hearts. And, there’s a chance that after seeing the video you’ll feel the same too.

Though shared just three days back, the video has already garnered over 25 million views – and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally, it has also gathered over 1.4 million likes and close to 3.8 lakh retweets.

The little girl’s gleeful reaction has simply won people over and it’s clear from their comments. Some even shared similar videos to show how kids can get happy over the simplest of things.


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