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A away win: 49 Points Under The Vikings And a Return to The NFC Championship Match At The END

The 49ers are only one Super Bowl win away. They are back in the NFC championship game for the 16th time as a franchise.

As you know, number 16 has been lucky for this organization.

After a long and long wait after the end of the season, Levy started to crash very quickly. On January 19, the 49 teams will welcome the winner of Sunday’s home game between Green Bay and Seattle.

In Saturday’s game, with number 16 Joe Montana as the honorary team leader, 49 players used the tools they had mastered throughout the season to get rid of the Minnesota Vikings, 27-10. Dominant defense, powerful racing and an efficient pass resulted in the first unbalanced playoff result, and perhaps not surprisingly, as the Vikings had a short week and a second consecutive cross-country road game .

It was the 49ers’ first playoff game outside the city limits of San Francisco. Malden Levy has been blamed for the curse that has persisted for 49 years since he left the city in which they were born, and the building has been waiting for six years for his host team to deserve to host a game.

49 Points Under The Vikings And a Return to The NFC Championship Match At The END

This team is worth it. The stadium was worth it.

“The energy was incredible, the crowd was great. It all started all season long,” said Joe Staley, playing his first playoff home game since January 2013.

“Playing here, I always wondered what it would look like with the energy we have had in the menorah in recent years. It is very, very comparable. If not more.”

There was a new and festive feeling in Santa Clara. The parking lot of Great America was shaking four hours before its launch, because the fans wore old big shirts as well as the best current sellers: the quarterback of Jimmy Garopolo, the narrow end of George Killett and the defensive end of Nick Bossa. Inside, the players seemed particularly ready to celebrate. Jerry Rice took photos and spoke to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Bryant Young joined Montana as an honorary leader.

In the first playoff game six years ago and the fourth playoff game in 2003 since 2003, the 49 players answered many questions.

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