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7 Animals having worse Sex Than you


I’m sorry to tell you this is a picture of a beetle. Joanna Ron
Cowpea beetle rode in bars as if all the medieval knights had a mass where their genitals should be. It does not seem surprising at all that we make fun of Lady Syed’s ladybugs, who have trouble escaping as they breakthrough. Today, they continue to develop thicker vaginal linings so that they do not bear any physical damage during the act of procreation. The fun is not close to a way to describe it.


It is an unfortunate fact that most of the duckling sex – as far as we can tell – is violent and oppressive. It is also a fact that the male duck has articulated atoms that expand rapidly to try to penetrate the female duck, which has a key vagina that spins in the opposite direction. They even have a dead-end in the twisted vagina, as their bodies are the great pyramids of Giza and sperm duck is a journey that tries to steal duck eggs.


It doesn’t seem like fencing, I know. Niko Michel
Like many hermaphrodites, tapeworms multiply by stabbing with sharp, mysterious penis-like supplements. But flatworms are not only stabbing in love with arrows. Instead, they calculate the root fence (yes, that’s the scientific term for that). This means that they use their bars as a dagger (they are called styles) to fight each other for an hour. The loser was the one who was stabbed. This tapeworm works like a “mother” and will fertilize the eggs later.

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