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7 Animals having worse Sex Than you

If you have an emotional gender – or even being honest, modest, or sex – you’re in the top 1 percent of all living things. Sex is terrible in the animal kingdom. This should not be a surprise. In the end, it’s a way to finish off most creatures. Sexual pleasure and emotion are not a priority when the pig promoter fails in his romantic partner. Their goals are to have children and die.

The list of mating rituals without a long appetite, but today we will restrict ourselves. Many habits are not only attractive to humans. Male beauty raises a large bag in their mouths hanging from the side and covering themselves with stinking pheromones and algae in their mouths to attract escort. We are not here to judge camels (meaning male camels who find them sexy) for these camels. We are here to talk about bad sex in sex.


So beautiful, so awful now
And if sex is so bad, would you fake your death to avoid it? A doctoral student at the University of Zurich, Rasim Khalifa, discovered that dragonflies often pretended to be dead in the air when an aggressive man chased them. The sex of dragonflies is very painful (it is easy to tell if dragonflies can cause emotional damage, but perhaps not). He was supposed to study climate change, but he was distracted.


The best that you can say about having sex with the giraffe is that it is short. The breach lasts about a second, although it is preceded by a rather strange rite. First, the male uses his head to hit a woman from the side and urinates with her. Taste urination to see if it secretes ovulation hormones. If they are, they follow them embarrassedly, and they try to carry them from behind, as they move away. Really, right?

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