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5 “lazy” exercises can help you lose weight quickly around your surroundings and set fire to absolute value

If you are dieting but it seems like the extra weight around you is in no rush to leave or that the absolute value is not as specific as you want, it is time to incorporate simple and effective exercises into your exercise . . The Pilates training system was created to rehabilitate the spine, but it also helps to soothe the muscles of the deep trunk and boost metabolism.

At Bright Side, we have prepared a short set of exercises that you can do on any relatively rigid surface, even on your bed or sofa


Starting position: Lie on your side. Bend an arm and place it under your head. Place the other arm in front of you. Bend your knees slightly, keep your feet together and press your buttocks.

Keep your feet together, lift the knee and then put it back in the starting position. To target the right muscles, do not move the pelvis and do not let your neck bend.

Repeatability: 15-20 representatives per side

Impact: It will work on the oblique abdominal muscles.

2.Stretch the side

Starting position: bend one arm and use it as a support. Stretch your legs, lift the pelvis, then place your other arm on your hips.

Pull the sink down and return to the starting position. Try to keep your back straight and do not tilt your body forward or backward.

Repeatability: 12-15 representatives per side

Impact: you will reach an absolute and oblique value.


Starting position: bend one arm and use it as a support. Stretch your legs. Lift the other arm and the pelvis.

Slowly place your upper arm down and under your body. Return to the starting position.

Repetition: 12 representatives on each side.

Impact: you get involved and share your abs and obliques.


Starting position: get all four. Keep your palms and knees on the floor.

Put yourself on your toes and plank in the plank, trying not to bend your back while engaging in the abs. Stay in this position for 2-3 seconds while activating your muscles.

Rehearsal: 15-20 actors

Effect: your abs and glutes will work.


Starting position: Sit on the floor with your knees bent and place your hands under your knees. The spine should be slightly bent.

Relax and wrap your spine up to your shoulder blades. Return to the starting position.

Reputability: 10-15 repetitions

Impact: It will work on your back, muscles and spine.

If you do these exercises every day, you will start to see results within a month. What kind of exercise do you prefer?

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