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How to make a Quick & Easy Tassel in Home


what we need to make a tassel

  • As mentioned you can use wool or yarn, embroidery threads,tulle, string, mixed media fabrics…
  • Scissors
  • Your fingers.

IF you want to make a different tassel.. “replace” your fingers with a piece of rectangular card.


How to make a Tassel

Hope you like the following quick and easy how to make a homemade tassel step by step instructions below!

we have 7 step to follow

  1. Cut a piece of string that you will later want to hang the tassel from – this can be the same material as the tassel or different. We often use bakers twine for this, as it is pretty AND durable. Make this string a bit longer than you think you will need, so you can trim it later if you need to.
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