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Wonders and oddities in the world

Wonders and wonders

This world is characterized by a large number of civilizations and peoples living on it, where technological development and facilitated ways of communication and travel between different peoples led to the integration of a large number of civilizations with each other, and this led to the discovery of wonders and oddities unknown to many people, whether these wonders It is a customs and traditions as in a large number of Arab countries and African villages, or were wonders and oddities in some geographical areas that science and scientists have been unable to explain to the present day, in this article we will mention the most important wonders and natural oddities and some oddities and wonders in the traditions of some Different countries

The most important wonders and strange in the world

Through cultural communication and movement from one place to another, a large number of travelers, adventurers and explorers found some very strange human traditions and customs. The marital home above the bodies of the young people of the village as in some Indian villages, fighting for marriage in some African regions and other strange customs, as scientists and explorers through various trips and space photography using the latest scientific techniques found that there are natural areas Sun That surrounding an environmental and natural conditions are very strange and these wonders and wacky include:

pink lake

Pink Lake: These lakes are one of the most famous puzzles in the modern world and beautiful wonders in the world, where these lakes are characterized by beautiful pink or red, which is due to many reasons, some of which are known to scientists, such as the presence of some algae that give this color of water and others Still unknown to this day, the most famous pink lakes that are located near Esperanza in Western Australia and the pink lake in the city of Dakar, capital of Senegal, which is characterized by pink in summer and natural color in winter, and the reason for this color is due to the high proportion of salts because of separation It is about the Atlantic Ocean more than thirty years ago, making it one of the most famous tourist destinations in Senegal.


Danxia Mountain: At first sight, these lands are expected to be a very fine painting of a genius of oil painting, but by nature, which affected this land in China nearly a hundred million years ago, when water from the mountains was transported. Surrounding a large amount of silt to this earth, and over time and high temperatures led to the drying of this silt, forming a wonderful layer of red dust, green and other colors as a result of oxidation of sediments within them and turn to rust.

Dolls Island
Dolls Island

Dolls Island: Is one of the islands belonging to the State of Mexico, which is located south of the Mexican capital Mexico City, where this island is characterized by containing a large number of dolls of very frightening forms, and said that these dolls are the lives of some of the dead who were on this island, The island is empty of residents for fear of living on the island, where there have been deaths and suicides in these puppets.

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