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10 Useful Breastfeeding Ideas that every mother needs

7.Use milk containers to keep the leaked milk

10 useful breastfeeding ideas that every mother needs to successfully accomplish this task

No mother would want to waste even a drop of this precious milk. Milk preservatives are a very simple idea tool but they will help you to conserve milk, especially when you are breastfeeding from the other side.

6.Milk supplements

If natural methods do not give the desired result and want to satisfy your child, you can resort to milk-generating supplements. By the way, it tastes acceptable, but before you start using it you should consult a lactation doctor or a specialist.

5.Store breast milk in ice molds

Freezing milk pumped into ice molds is an easy and cost-effective way to store it. Once the milk freezes, it is put into regular freezer bags and the history of milk freeze is written. This idea is especially great because mother’s milk bags are expensive, and thus will save you some money.

Just try to figure out how much an ice block can hold, so you can know exactly how many cubes you should use.

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