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10 Useful Breastfeeding Ideas that every mother needs

Breastfeeding is a process for generating breast milk for the infant to feed on, regardless of its nutritional value, but it strengthens and strengthens the emotional connection between the mother and the child, which has a consequence on the child’s mental development.

Although breastfeeding is not the same thing as two, it is a challenge facing the mother in her most difficult days, which are the first days of birth!

Where the mother during this period faces the pain of giving birth and caring for a new baby in addition to trying to breastfeed him, and some may succeed in this matter and others may fail.

And let us tell you that not all causes of breastfeeding are intractable and have no solution! It may even be because you missed a few tips and methods to help you in this arduous process.

Because it is normal for new mothers to have many questions about this topic, for this we offer you today 10 tips that will help you a lot in the process of breastfeeding !!

10.Massage the breasts with warm water

10 useful breastfeeding ideas that every mother needs to successfully accomplish this task

Massaging the breasts with a towel drenched with warm water or bathing in warm water before feeding, is liked because this helps the milk ducts to generate more milk and prevent it from Blocking*.

*:Blocking of the milk ducts is not dangerous, but it is mostly the result of not emptying the milk ducts for an extended period of time.

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