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10 Makeup Tips That will Make Your Makeup Unlimited

With all the beauty effects, YouTube users, and 13 years old who can turn 20, it’s easy to feel like you’re the only person in the world who can’t put on makeup like a pro. But don’t believe the lies you tell yourself! Anyone (yes, even you) can make the right decision with makeup and advice. Whether you’re looking to engage with a cat’s eye or at the end of learning how to define and distinguish a face, I have 10 tips to try below. So take your makeup bag and this product (huh, products?) That you have never learned to use and keep scrolling.

Makeup Tip # 1: Melt your pen to help it slide

Truth: Creamy makeup products are best mixed when hot. Therefore, if your eyeliner pencil pops, constricts your eyelids, or takes several layers to achieve a decent color, gently melt it before you start applying the eyeliner. To do this, hold the tip of the eyeliner under a lighter flame for a second or until it becomes sticky, let it cool slightly (move it over your hand to make sure it isn’t too hot or melted), then watch for a change in firmness before your eyes.

Makeup tip # 2: Use a white eyeliner to show the eyeshadow

To make the eye shadows transparent or less coloring on your eyelid, first mix a white eye pencil all over the eyelid. Then place your eyes directly on it. The dark cover of the white lining will intensify all the shades of the shadows and make them appear.

Makeup tip # 3: Rake your cat first

If you’re having trouble deciding what your winged solution looks like (well, hello, even, I can feel you), first try to outline the shape, then fill it in. Extend a line beyond the lower lash line to create the bottom of the cat’s eyes first. Then select the desired thickness for your wing and draw the upper line from the endpoint of the film to the line of the upper lashes. Once the shape is drawn on both sides and everything looks the same, fill in the open space.

Makeup tip # 4: Use a spatula as a wing stencil lining

If your cat’s eye pattern does not occur, take a spoon and use it as a stencil. While holding the spoon in the outer corner of the eye, use a liquid solution to draw a straight line as the first step towards your cat’s eye. Then flip the spoon over to hug your eyelid and use the rounded outer edge to create a curved winged effect.

Makeup Tip # 5: Penetrate Smoked Eyes Using the HashTag

The smoky eye can go from dirty to dirty senses very quickly if you don’t know what to do. To simplify the question, use a creamy eyeliner to draw the hashtag symbol at an angle on the outer third of your eyelid, then mix it with a sponge or a stain brush. This will not only ensure that the eyes are symmetrical, but will also keep you from going a little crazy with the eyeliner.

Makeup tip # 6: Use a spoon as a mascara shield

Nothing is more annoying than making your eyelid perfect, then it slides on the mascara and ruins everything. The solution? Hold a spoon until you press the eyelid, then apply the mascara as you normally would. When the mascara stick goes against your lashes and the back of the spoon, the residue will cover the back of the pan instead of your skin. Genius.

Composition tip n ° 7: Mascara mixed with saline solution

TIP: Use only one tube of mascara for up to three months. After this point, bacteria can build up and cause eye infections and other unfortunate things that you don’t want to look for in Google Images. But if the mascara was unpleasantly dry for the first three months, add a few drops of brine to the delicate formula to restore its smooth consistency.

Makeup tip # 8: heat the braids with a hairdryer

Creating your heating roller will help you speed up your lashes faster. Just click on the eyelash curler?

Makeup # 9: Smooth your lashes with pure powder

Sprinkle clear powder over the mascara layers to extend your lashes. It helps you wipe the mascara between layers, to get thicker lashes.

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Makeup tip 10: Apply eyelash glue with a hairpin

If you are still afraid of sleeping, they will go a little. Wait a few seconds or until the glue becomes sticky, then separate the lashes.

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